What Makes You Naughty?

Soda With a Real Pop


A long, long time ago, Dave decided to challenge himself to become a home brewer. He had spent enough time traveling the country tasting each city’s different concoctions, and had a knack and love for science, that he felt it was time for him to make his mark on the craft beer market. This hobby eventually turned into a career, when he opened Blind Murphy’s. Named after his dog, this craft beer/growler shop delivered flavors that drew customers from near and far. So many in fact, that Dave started a customer appreciation night once a week.

Fast forward to 2013, and enter Larry.

As soon as Larry became aware of the new growler shop, it practically became his second home. He and Dave sparked a friendship, and Larry started helping out with the odds and ends of the shop. Eventually Dave decided he should probably be paying Larry for all of the work he was doing, and the two became partners.

While planning for one of their many customer appreciation nights during the fall season, Dave became bored with the saturated idea of a pumpkin beer. He knew the flavor was in high demand, but wanted to do something different. He decided he was once again going to challenge himself and created a pumpkin soda. Once he found the winning recipe, he thought, “why stop here?” He quickly began the fermentation process, and produced the first Naughty Soda flavor – Pumpkin Spice. Boy are we happy he decided to do that!

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